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    Time-Shift Radio:

    Time Shift Radio is the answer for all your classic entertainment needs. It has some never-before-offered features, more than 1000 radio stations. You can “PAUSE” and “REWIND” live radio as many times as you want.


    Romantic Greetings:

    Romantic Greetings ♥♥ is fantastic Greeting app that lets you express your love in your own style. Surprise your loved ones by sending greetings, love messages and show them how much you really care to make them feel special. All you need to be is a little romantic, creative, and unique.


    Soccer Touch:

    Soccer Touch is an iPhone application for all the real soccer fans ! Soccer Touch keeps you updated with the latest information about 2010 FIFA World Cup. There is lot more to it, the Penalty Shoot out game in this application, will warm up your soccer skills and bring your zeal to the zest.


    Secretary ( Personal one ):

    Secretary is one who note and lists all your important tasks and notifies you back when it has to be done. Secretary helps by noting all your important tasks along with start and due date.


    Password Camera:

    On launching this application you need to login by giving valid password. Take photos by clicking on camera icon and store those photos in an album. Whenever you feel to see your photos just go to album and view all photos.


    Slam Book:

    Slam book can keep a record of what other people think about you and how special you are for them. You can preserve the heartwarming moments spent with all your friends and beloved ones.


    Anti-Shake Camera:

    Anti-Shake Camera is a very novel and useful application that detects stillness of the iPhone and captures images into the iPhone photo album.


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