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    Mar 8, 2015
    Not so long ago the Foxes reached to the Bird island and in that short time they have destroyed half of the island, you must help the birds to expel the Foxes from Bird Island before is ruined.
    Angry Bird Egg vs Fox is an amazing and incredible adventure with scenarios that require skill and dexterity as well as ingenuity and open mind to solve logic and skill puzzles.
    Use eggs as ammunition and enjoy different types like, Big Eggs, Explosives Eggs, Bouncy Eggs, Easter Eggs, etc etc.
    Share your best gameplay with your friends using the built-in application system, your friends will enjoy watching and trying their best to overcome them.

    - 60 levels
    - 6 types of ammo
    - 4 scenarios
    - Destructible Fortifications
    - Ability to acquire additional ammunition at any level
    - Movement with Gyroscope
    - Unique and fun Physics
    - Fun for the whole family

    Thanks for playing Angry Egg Bird vs Fox

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