Universal [free][android]waazerman -have you met the waazers?!!

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  1. ashley anderson

    Oct 3, 2015
    “ have you met the waazers?
    They never smile but nobody cares
    There’s a boy ,a girl ,a father and a dog
    A pet alien and a skeleton that you wanna hug
    would you Help this weird family to survive?
    Cause All they want is to be alive
    (Tap to jump and run from the angry lava
    Did you know that this game’s scripted by java?)
    Oh And never forget to share
    We want everybody to care
    Reday to check the game ?So click on this link
    Its way easier than you think !”

    How fast are your reaction skills? This fun and fast paced arcade game will test you to the max.


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