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    Best World New is a free apps that provide you free and unlimited live feeds of news and stories from all over the world. You could have full access to news from the world famous sources, right from your palm 24x7, non stop !

    Download from Play Store --> Best World News Android App

    Great features of this apps :
    1. Latest News from world top 10 famous news sources :
    -ABC News
    -New York Times
    -Fox News
    -Yahoo News
    -Google News

    2. Display of news post in organised and easy access web interface
    3. Allow sharing of news via emails and other methods
    4. Clean and user friendly interface with smooth navigation
    5. Unlimited free update of daily news, with just simple internet connection

    Use this app for:
    1.During rest time, to read latest news from the convenient of your iPhone
    2.Free moment with friends and family for sharing of some interesting news to cheer up their days
    3.Free news with no cost, and fresh daily contents

    Get full access to free news and stories from all over the world with this Free App !

    Download from Play Store --> Best World News Android App

    app developed by : iApps Technology
    Get Free Android Apps :
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