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    Hi there, play my latest game on Play Store!

    Get your guns ready for the ultimate fight against waves of monsters!


    Get Spin Shot on Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameplaypassion.spinshot

    Video Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86K0xceb144

    Spin Shot is an action-packed shooting game where you fight hordes of monsters. This game does not play like your usual shooting game, you will need good reflexes to beat it. Your character is constantly spinning around, touch the screen to shoot, choose the right moment to inflict maximum damage.

    Survive as long as possible. Every monster you take down adds points to your score, get the highest score possible!

    Features :
    - Intuitive one-touch controls!
    - Simple concept that anyone can grasp!
    - Absolute destruction at your fingertips!
    - Endless play, it all depends on your reflexes!
    - Varied and randomly generated waves of monsters!
    - Designed to be played in short sessions!
    - Variety of foes each with its own patterns!
    - Kill zombies, bigger zombies, spiders, golden scarab beetles and ... more spiders!
    - Explode rockets in mid-air! BOOOM!

    spinshot_storescreenshot_1_1280x720.png spinshot_storescreenshot_2_1280x720.png spinshot_storescreenshot_3_1280x720.png spinshot_storescreenshot_4_1280x720.png spinshot_storescreenshot_5_1280x720.png spinshot_storescreenshot_6_1280x720.png spinshot_storescreenshot_7_1280x720.png

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