[FREE] 3 Shapes - game with an interesting new way to play

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    Please support us on this brand new game.
    3 Shapes is a brand new game with a entirely new way to play.

    Addictive free puzzle game.

    Additional levels will be added regularly.

    You will absolutely love it because
    • Completely free to play
    • Many levels and many more to come
    • Connect shapes to make a closed loop to clear it.
    • Special shapes when shapes are trapped inside the loop.
    • Connect to facebook to sync your scores across devices.
    • Easy and challenging at the same time.

    Playstore: 3 Shapes

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/play3shapes

    Game videos -
    3 Shapes Video 1
    3 Shapes Video 2

    iPhone6_1.png 2.png nexus5_5.png iPhone5_5.png

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