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    Sep 28, 2011
    Hi everyone, here is another of our latest 3, 2D Traffic Games, also completely built with Unity's 2D Tools, and completely free!

    Details, link and screenshots for the game is below, and as always, Thanks so much for your support!

    2D Ambulance Runner:
    In 2D Ambulance Runner, you need to save as many as you can, while going as far as you can, dodging traffic and obstacles. Pick up the stretcher victims along the way, you'll need these to keep your heart meter up, so you can drive even further!

    Game Features:
    * Endless Game Play with speed progression as you go further
    * Simple controls, simply tap the left/right arrow buttons to move
    * Great graphics, sounds and music to keep you "tuned" in to the game
    * Stretcher pickups to keep your heart meter up and your ambulance going

    Link: Google Play: 2D Ambulance Runner


    Enjoy the game!

    Ultra Line Software

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