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    Hello everyone,
    My first game is now on Google Play!

    [Download link]

    [Promo video]

    [Short description]
    Swipe your finger on the 6x6 board to move and merge the tiles. These tiles which are elements of the true equation or inequality will be eliminated. The level will clear if all the number tiles and operator symbol tiles were eliminated. There are environmental influences like one-way sign and trap on the board, making gameplay more diversified. A total of 100 levels can challenge for free!

    [Screen shots]
    1121_Level5_English.png 1121_Level15_English.png 1121_Level40_English.png 1121_Level45_English.png 1121_Level50_English.png 1121_Tutorial1_English.png 1121_Tutorial2_English.png 1121_WallColor_English.png.png

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