Franz: Scary Text Adventure

Ice-Pick Lodge Studio
Imagine that your phone is haunted by a mysterious creature named Franz, who has her own will, personality and desires. …
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Imagine that your phone is haunted by a mysterious creature named Franz, who has her own will, personality and desires. Through direct communication with Franz, game mechanics and notification system, you can find out who Franz really is and what she truly desires. Moral choices form the narrative foundation of the game. The decisions that you make throughout the story determine whether you become the rightful owner of Franz or turn into her puppet. The gameplay of Franz is based on text-rich story and tactile interaction with the character. Your smartphone is Franz herself, so you need to be much more careful with the gadget. Franz is unpredictable and touchy, but is very much into you. She is susceptible to physical interaction, just like any real person. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the consequences of your decisions when communicating with her, even those that may seem insignificant. Your communication with Franz is based on physical interaction with the smartphone, namely: Word puzzle solving One of the main ways of interacting with Franz is by solving various word puzzles. Like in real dialogue, the player can misunderstand something or miss an important detail, which can affect future interactions. Words in the game, as in real life, are an important tool of communication, and should be handled with care. Tactile interaction The player can express their attitude towards Franz through tactile contact, using gentle or harsh touches. Franz can both ask for your affection and try to provoke you. It is up to you whether to comply with Franz or resist her manipulations. Time factor Franz can kick you out of the app and lock you out of it for a certain period of time. You can choose whether to wait until Franz lets you back into the game or interrupt the waiting time, though it can hurt Franz in the process. Response to notifications Franz sends notifications to the player when she wants them back in the game. Depending on how quickly the player opens the app after receiving the notification, Franz will either be offended or delighted. Non-linear narrative Franz is a living entity that reacts differently to every action of the player, whether it's touching her, solving puzzles, ignoring her desires, or indulging her emotional manipulations. Therefore, depending on your behavior, the storyline will change.
Seller:Ice-Pick Lodge Studio
Genre:Puzzle, Simulation
Release:Oct 16, 2023
Updated:Dec 21, 2023
Size:663.0 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal