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    Good afternoon, friends :)
    Here is one of the most interesting games judging by the gameplay trailer.
    I think it will be the bomb of this summer.

    Forza Polpo is a mix of two games that I love, Jumping Flash and Pilot wings. Explore with Polpo a destroyed 1990s Japan. Complete each area to discover the meaning of life… before Polpo’s energy runs out! Fly and shoot in this alternative version of the 90s.


    And what is the story about?
    99.9% of the world and its population has disappeared a mysterious explosion caused by Dr. Prometheus, the inventor of Pink Energy. From that moment on, all that has remained of the Earth is small fragments suspended in a void between the clouds. Months and seasons are no more. Everything seems to be frozen at the moment of the disaster.


    Our task is not from the category of simple
    You and Polpo, your flying delivery robot, have survived, and together you must face the silly army of Dr. Prometheus to recover memory cubes and discover the meaning of life.


    What else is worth noting?
    -Polpo simulator: learn to fly with Polpo and manage his limited energy by recovering capsules of pink energy

    -1990s Japan: an odd reimagining of a world inspired by the anime and manga aesthetic of that time period

    -Point System: improve in the levels that you’ve already completed to increase your score and unlock new levels

    -single player: an old-style game with no multiplayer or online component. 99% of the world has disappeared and the Internet doesn’t exist!

    -defeat the enemy army: fight with Octopus against strange crazed drones, but remember that every one of your actions involves a loss of energy.

    -Take care of Polpo: octopus is a small robot. Beware gusts of wind, electric cables, radioactive zones…

    -Take advantage of the kiosks: exploit the kiosks that are still working to play music, get power-ups, recharge…

    -Improve your bedroom: with souvenirs that you obtain during your adventure

    -Learn with Mey: listen attentively to what Mey, has to tell you
    Be careful Polpo!!




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