Universal Formicarium: Dwarf Fortress meets SimAnt on an iPad

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    Did you like Dungeon Keeper or SimAnt back in the Day? Might you have even heard of Dwarf Fortress?
    Or do you long for more strategy games of challenging quality like FTL (Faster-than-light) on your iPad?
    If you think "Yes" for any of those questions, you should check out what we are currently working on:

    Play the invisible hive-mind behind an ant-colony, in nature, there are many extraordinary ant species, including acid sprayers, honey pots, tiny nest maintenance ants, enormous tank ants, poison attack ants, leaf-cutting specialists, suicide bombers and more. You can tell ants to dig tunnels, strengthen walls with earth and stone, build above and underground structures, build nurseries and even cultivate subterranean fungi gardens. Furthermore, Formicarium uses a simplified model of genetics as a game-play element, so that you can design the very body and genetic expression of your ants, shaping them to your needs as a player. We think this is wonderful, and hope you do, too!

    Here's screenshot from the underground management of one's ant hive:

    And here's another one of the surface with bugs, beetles, plants and butterflies (everything has attributes and code and reproduces including the plants):

    If you're interested:

    Or vote for us on steam (the App is based on Apples SpriteKit but will be ported to Windows/Linux too): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=343656291

    Here is a link to a gameplay-update video I shot yesterday: http://youtu.be/9cePzodVZG4

    PS: URL-bbcode is turned off here, isn't it?
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    I'm intrigued

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