Forest Island: Relaxing Game

Tired and exhausted from stress? Looking for relaxing games to free yourself from anxiety? You don't have to travel far…
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Tired and exhausted from stress? Looking for relaxing games to free yourself from anxiety? You don't have to travel far to enjoy the serendipity of the green forest, white beaches, and turquoise waters of nature! In this relaxing island game, you will find yourself relieved from anxiety within seconds. The calming music, a variety of sceneries of the island, and cute animal friends will keep you entertained and stress-free! ■A Stress-free Game You Can Enjoy While Relaxing Comfortably - Enjoy the soothing idle gameplay that will fade your stress away. - Listen to the comforting music & sounds of nature that will calm your tired mind. - Surround yourself with the sounds of trees rustling in the breeze. - Close your eyes and concentrate on the sounds of birds singing by the pond. - You will sleep more peacefully after relaxing in your zen forest with special animal friends. ■Build Your Flourishing Island - The main feature of this game is to expand and decorate your very own island. - Create various habitats such as Duck Pond, Bear Den, and Deer Plains. - Upgrade landmarks and animals to increase the island's productivity! - Simply tap to collect Energy, use them to discover more new landmarks! - Enjoy the pure joy of growing your island to be the virtual zen paradise! ■Invite Special Animals - Collect more than 40+ different types of animals! Watching their cute behaviors will help you feel relaxed and calm. - Invite special animals such as arctic wolves, foxes, deer, rabbits, and alpacas to complete your forest island! - Add life to the island by inviting beautiful birds such as owls, seagulls, and flamingos! - Don't forget to include dolphins, seals, and sea turtles in the ocean! - Interacting with the lovely animals will help you find peace of mind. ■Restore the Forest - Protect wildlife by preventing the forest from being degraded or destroyed! - Purify the island by eliminating ruins and ashes! - Simply tap to remove ruins and recover each habitat to its original state! - Purifying the forest earns you more Energy to upgrade the island. An idle, antistress game that will bring you to a relaxing zen state of mind! Relieve your anxiety and find rest at the end of every day by visiting Forest Island. Enter the world of peace in Forest Island, and nourish your soul by interacting with very special animals! ***************************************************** Please note that Forest Island is a FREE relaxing idle game. It’s free to download and play, but some in-game items will require payment. - Description for Subscription-based Items - When purchasing a subscription, the amount is deducted from the account. - Subscription renews automatically unless cancelled 24 hours prior to the next billing cycle. - You can cancel your subscriptions on the app store where you downloaded this app. - Subscribing to a new package will cancel any previously existing one. - Subscribing to a package of a lower value will let you keep access to the content made available by any pre-existing package of a higher value until the next billing cycle. - Subscribing to a package of a higher value will immediately replace your current package, and the price from the previous purchase will be deducted from the new one. -Privacy Policy -Terms of Use (EULA)
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Oct 20, 2021
Updated:Jun 22, 2022
Size:447.3 MB
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