[For Hire] Versatile Composer - Featured by Cynical Brit|TotalBiscuit

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    Jun 13, 2009
    Hello Touch Arcade!

    My name is Sean Beeson [www.seanbeeson.com] and I am an experienced, veteran composer whose music spans over 100 projects to date.

    42 Minutes of my music was recently featured by TotalBiscuit, which you can check out here!


    The latest titles I have recently scored haven't been announced or released, but you can see many of my past projects by heading to the credits page of my website, www.seanbeeson.com/credits

    Although I specialize in orchestral music, I can also write in nearly any other style and have been done so by over 40 different clients in the past two years.

    If you are looking for a specific style of music don't hesitate to email me and ask for it, if you just wish to browse through my catalog of music (many many hours of music) you can do so at seanbeeson.com/music

    Thank you in advance for checking out my stuff!
    Sean Beeson

    AIM: filmcomposerman
    Skype: sean.beeson
    e-mail seanbeeson at seanbeeson.com

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