[For hire] experienced sound designer/composer looping for work!

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    Sep 23, 2019

    My name is Zach Striefel. I’ve been working in game audio since 2009, shortly after I graduated from The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. Former Lead Sound Designer of the award winning audio house: Symphony of Specters. I’ve worked on everything from browser games to console releases, created lush orchestral scores and catchy chiptunes. You can listen to some of my work and take a look at my portfolio via my website: https://www.zachstriefel.com

    I have contracted through both globally present publishing houses/game studios and indie devs working from their home offices, helping teams of all scopes and sizes get the best audio experiences for their games.

    Some recent notable works:

    (Current 2018-2019 works under NDA)

    - Defenders Quest - PS4/PC - Sound Design
    - Tower Fortress - Mobile iOS/Android/PC (featured on App Store!) - Sound Design & Music
    - Party Panic - PC - Sound Design & Music

    - Sentry Knight Tactics - PC - Sound Design & Music
    - Ridge Runner - Mobile iOS (Featured on App Store!) - Sound Design & Music

    - Poptropica - Browser Based MMO (over 500 million registered users!) - Sound Design & Some Music

    Many more!
    My rates are $100/min for music and $1-10 per sound (send asset list for quote!)

    Skype: ZStriefel
    Twitter: ZStriefel


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