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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Fazzy, Dec 8, 2008.

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    You know when you go to see some new app from a small developer and at the bottom of his description it says "For fans of (insert really professional high quality apps).

    For example, how can this

    Be like this

    The first one says that it's for fans of, but there is almost no relation between those two apps, except that they're games and that you use an Iphone/Ipod Touch to play them.

    More Examples:
    How can this be like bejewled?
    And here
    Bejewled is a very popular example, huh?
    NOTE: No offense to Handheld Games Corp for using this, there are plenty of other people who do. I just couldn't think of anything else and I just bought your game yesterday so that was the most recent thing I saw. (Great game, too.)

    NOTE 2: And Handheld Games Corp isn't really a small developer, but I didn't want to look for one.
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    I've seen this before

    I've seen this before and I guess I'll be seeing it a whole lot more. Some of the comparissions are really strange. Developers do this because the iTunes search feature also searches app descriptions. So in this example someone searching for Bejeweled will also be presented with TouchSports Tennis 09. It turns me off a bit when I see comparissions that make no sense. But I guess developers do this because they are trying every way they can think of to get people to "eyeball" their apps. :(
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    Also, this app came out when Bejewled was like #2, so most people have it. This compairson doesnt make sense but I guess its a way of getting peoples attention and basicly get money in the crappy economy.

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