iPhone Football Heroes - Football / RPG / Fighting game for iPad

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    We are proud to announce Football Heroes

    Here is the trailer:


    Football Heroes is an Arcade Football Game inspired by the classic games Tecmo Bowl and NBA Jam and has RPG and fighting game elements.

    Core Features:

    • Arcade Sports Action - like NFL Blitz, NBA Jam and Tecmo Bowl.
    • Robust fighting game engine with combos and unlockable moves.
    • RPG System where your players will gain XP every time they do something awesome like catch a pass, gain some yards or score a touchdown
    • Perks - As you level up you will unlock powerful new moves and abilities, and can be used in the game like skills in World of Warcraft. We will be updating with new perk details regularly on the Touch Arcade Forums.
    • Customize your team through extensive team customization tools.
    • Online Multiplayer with Matchmaking - Battle your friends and foes teams online.
    • Wi-Fi Multiplayer - Challenge your friends' teams over WiFi through local multiplayer.
    • Single Player "Division Play" - take on each Division in Football Heroes. Can you collect all the Division trophies

    We will be announcing more details about the game as we get closer to launch and some exclusive offers for Touch Arcade Forum Members.


    Please visit our Kickstarter page where we offering tons of cool rewards like Beta Access (starting next month), Trophies, Helmets and unparalleled access to us, the developers, to give feedback and influence the direction and balance of the game. Please come join our team:

    Football Heroes Kickstarter

    Michael Marzola
    Creative Director Run Game LLC

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