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    Do you like games?

    Explore the world of Food Frenzy, and eat all the delicious foods possible!

    Food Frenzy is a fun, exciting arcade style game which will give you hours of fun to try to get the highest score possible. It includes 5 challenging rounds that are hard to complete. It also features a store with 6 fun power-ups to add to the game-play. Rack up points and try to stock up on power ups to try to launch you to the next round. You get 120 seconds to complete each round (unless you add more time with a power-up). In each round, you must eat as much junk food as possible. But make sure you don’t eat the lettuce or the game is instantly over.


    -4 types of food with a bonus burger (5th) to get more points
    -If you eat the lettuce you die immediately
    -5 rounds, initiated if you score above a certain value in the previous round
    -A store with 6 power ups to add to the basic gameplay

    Power ups:

    -x2 Makes the selector 2x as big
    -x3 Makes the selector 3x as big
    -+15 seconds to the clock
    -+30 seconds to the clock
    -2x as many bonus burgers
    -1/2 the amount of lettuce (fatal)

    Control - Drag your finger around the screen to collect yummy treats and avoid the vegetables!

    Check us out at www.Facebook.com/GlobalWhirl

    Link - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/food-frenzy-!/id552728316?mt=8

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