Universal Follow Mania - Can You Stay Alive

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    Jul 12, 2013
    Hello everyone!
    I'm very proud to present my new game Follow Mania

    Easy to Play - Impossible to Master!

    Three red circles is chasing you - the green one.
    Let run and dodge for your life.
    Survive as long as possible to get the highest score.
    Get ready for crazy running and dodging while trying to beat your own and your friend's scores!

    Game Play:
    * Touch and swipe the screen to add force to your circle.
    * The touching position will decide force direction while the force magnitude is constant.
    * By touching different positions with different duration, you are manipulating the circle path to avoid collision with red circles.
    * The longer you can survive, the higher the score is.

    * These guys outnumber you but the acceleration is your advantage.
    * Keep tricking them and break through their formation.
    * Do not get cornered or you are dead.

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