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    Apr 22, 2013
    Hi guys!

    We are still working on new games, but we are currently preparing the launch of a new app called Folioscope (it means ‘Flip book’ in French). It’s not a game, it’s an app for drawing and sharing cartoon-like animations. We are planning to launch it on July 7.

    If you know us for a long time, you may recall that one of our first apps, back in 2011, was already dedicated to animations. It was called Dink and it did quite well, users shared a lot of animations (over 4.5 GB of GIFs) and what they created was amazing.

    A few years later, Dink was getting old, it was hard for us to keep it up to date and we decided to remove if from the App Store.

    Today, the screens of the iPhone and iPad are so much better than in 2011: bigger, with almost no latency, not to mention the Apple Pencil… So we started to think about bringing Dink back to life.

    We kept the core concepts: a few colors (black, white, red, green, blue and yellow), simple yet powerful tools, a dedicated social network and themed contests, but we redesigned and redeveloped everything from scratch. Folioscope is the successor of Dink but it is a brand new app.

    If you want to have a try before the launch, please send me a PM :)

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