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Fun for the whole family!


FlySmacker rocks!
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Customer Reviews <3 <3 <3

Fun for the whole family!


FlySmacker rocks!

I downloaded it because the graphics looked incredible (they are), but was hooked by the gameplay. You might think, "What kind of fun can be had by smacking flies?". Let me tell you this - A LOT! You don't just whack them with the smacker, you get to also send them to their demise via an electrical current that is activated by multi-touch controls. So cool!

Since downloading, I've shown the app to my little cousin, and my mother. Both love it. That's a big range - fun for the entire family! .99cents = a no-brainer. Get it.


by Albert

Graphics are great


Your MISSION...if you choose to accept it... is to get past all of our exciting levels and get every piece of delicious food WITHOUT letting any fly eat it.

FlySmack it up and kill all of the flies with your powerful electrifying glove and your awesome interactive flyswatter.

Win the most amazing virtual trophies ever created and have some laughs by becoming the GREATEST FlySmacker of all time!

Look out for the different types of flies like the NinjaSmacker and others to ensure total victory!

This is the most addictive and COOL FlySmacking game of all time!!

Begin your FlySmackAttack and share it with friends and family!!!

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Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:May 10, 2012
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