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Get ready for the most thrilling gaming experience of your life! Put on your 3D glasses and let Fly Effect Real 3D take …
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Get ready for the most thrilling gaming experience of your life! Put on your 3D glasses and let Fly Effect Real 3D take you on a stereoscopic race through a Steampunk universe. Just hang on tight and steer your ship around the obstacles for points and bonuses, then share the results online. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

“Really nice! 3D is truly amazing! Bravo!”
- Gabri74

“Fun game. I love games that give me the feeling of improvement. I tried the 3D glasses and I must say that I was enthusiastic. But also the 2D ... the game is fantastic! (...)
- Nadroi

You’re racing along through a tunnel. So far, you’ve managed to miss most of the obstacles but it’s been tense. You’re traveling fast, you can’t take your eyes off the screen for a second. Still, you are scoring pretty well, maybe you can handle more. Maybe you can go…extreme.

While 3D objects whiz by or show up in front of you, your quick reflexes reacting, you think about that again, about amping up your game to extreme. It’ll take super focus, a calm yet quick mind and lightning fast responses, all while flying along at an incredible speed. Think you can get through even a single game? Do you dare try?

If fast moving gaming action and incredible graphics excite you then you’re going to love Fly Effect Real 3D. It’s one of only a few games in existence in the entire world that lets you play in 2D or while wearing your own 3D glasses with red and cyan lenses. Couple that amazing fact with the ultimate in racing challenge and you have the perfect game app.

The concept is simple. Just guide your spacecraft along exciting race tracks through a fantasy Steampunk universe. Complete your races within the time allotted without running out of fuel and collect bonuses to hit the best score. Sounds easy, right? Well, you might not be thinking that after your first game.

You get to steer with the accelerometer but Fly Effect Real 3D controls the gas pedal in your ship. Oh, you get to choose whether you’ll play slow, normal, fast or extreme but you don’t have access to the brake. When you hit the speed that the big gamers play, you’d better be ready for hard action. If your reflexes aren’t fast enough, you’ll never make it. At least, not without practice.

Once you’re finished playing any or all of the game’s challenging ten levels, go ahead and brag to your friends online. Fly Effect Real 3D supports OpenFeint and Facebook, so it’s a good way to compare scores and gauge how you’re doing.

Check out the features you get when you download Fly Effect Real 3D:
* Play in 2D or amazing stereoscopic Real 3D mode
* Spacecraft completely controllable by accelerometer
* 10 different challenging levels
* Each level playable with 4 different speeds: slow, normal, fast, extreme
* Edit control settings to match your driving style
* OpenFeint enabled
* Facebook sharing
* Version 1.0 contains Earth World
* Coming soon – Air World and Water World, each with 10 exciting levels!

As a thank-you for downloading Fly Effect Real 3D, the developers are offering you a special, exclusive launch gift. Those who purchase version 1.0 will get Air World and Water World for FREE! with the app’s next update.

This offer will not be extended, so hurry and get your Fly Effect Real 3D now. Not only will you have the time of your life, you’ll also keep the fun and challenge going with two free worlds to race in realistic 3D.

See this App in action here:
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