Fly Catbug Fly!

Frederator / Cartoon Hangover
Now with an exclusive costume just for paid app players! Play as Bugcat, Catbug's sorta-evil brother! The best Catbug-r…
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Now with an exclusive costume just for paid app players! Play as Bugcat, Catbug's sorta-evil brother! The best Catbug-related-flying-runner-helicopter-game-fun-thing is back with another cool update! Come explore the brave new level of Mirvahda and the Parasox Pub! New pickups, new obstacles, and more Catbug! SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING * TouchArcade's Game of the Week! * "If you're already a Bravest Warrior fan definitely give Fly Catbug Fly! a try, but even if you're never heard of the show before you really have to give it a whirl [...]" - TouchArcade "Any game that stars a cat automatically grabs my attention. Throw a flying cat with ladybug wings into the mix and my mind is blown." - 148Apps "Even those unfamiliar with Bravest Warriors will find this inexpensive app to be charming and addictive." - JayIsGames "Rewarding fans of the Bravest Warriors [...] with familiar sights, sounds, and other goodies." - io9 OVERVIEW Take flight in the first game from Cartoon Hangover’s Bravest Warriors featuring the show’s breakout star Catbug! Fly through 11 locations avoiding obstacles and collecting sweet loot for Impossibear! Earn moolah to purchase awesome upgrades and power-ups to boost your top score and dress up Catbug! CLASSIC ARCADE GAMEPLAY Duck and weave with Catbug narrowly avoiding dangerous terrain. Pump up the challenge with the insanely-fast hyper mode! FLY THROUGH THE SHOW Soar through the Holo-John, NeoMars, the Lavarinth, the forbidden See-Through Zone, and 9 other unique backgrounds. COLLECT EXPENSIVE JUNK Pick up valuable* items straight from the show like the Gas-Powered Stick, a Galorian Ore Key, and the Ever Gauntlet. BRAVEST WARRIORS ASSEMBLE! Call in Beth, Chris, Wallow, Danny, Emotion Lord, Plum, and other friends to help out Catbug! WEAR COOL HATS Leis, spacesuits, and eyebrows - we got it all! Dress your Catbug to be the coolest Catbug in town. Now with +85 unique costumes! NO IN-APP PURCHASES OR UPGRADES Buy once and play forever! Foreeeeeeeever! * Items may not actually be valuable and may just be overpriced junk.
Seller:Frederator / Cartoon Hangover
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Apr 10, 2014
Updated:Jan 12, 2017
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal