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Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by WeGotPixels, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. WeGotPixels

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    We have considered Flurry AppCircle Clips as a way to promote our new game when released, but also as a way to monetize the game later on.

    User acquisition:
    Launching our own campaign with a video, and paying for installs.

    Players earning some game coins by watching a video. And we get paid by Flurry.

    I haven't been able to find any prices on either of the two models.

    Anyone with experience or some cost/payout data?


    - Christian
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    Aug 30, 2012
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    For promoting your game, networks usually let you set a budget (daily) and the more successful your ads, the faster that budget goes. So cost is however much you want to spend.

    Usually the payout is the same concept but flipped. Your payout will depend upon the effectiveness of those ads... the beter the ads do the more you get paid.
    That being said, I'm not sure how the payout will be for this since its a fixed set up. They might do the same thing and pay you for converts from the videos or a fixed rate for hosting the videos. Not sure, but the fact that you've incentivized watching the ads (coins) is brilliant... most advertisers simply rely upon how appealing the ads are in themselves.

    Good luck! I'd like to hear how this ends up working out for you.
  3. WeGotPixels

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    Thank you for your reply TapitZac.

    But are the costs for installs or for video views? That way it would be easier to get an estimated price for acquiring a new user.

    I know Tapjoy uses a system like Flurry for the monetization model, but Tapjoy seems to be to heavy and with too many distractions. I like the idea of watching a video and get the coins (and we get paid).
  4. WeGotPixels

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    Found price!

    Okay I tried to setup a test app in Flurry to find some real prices.

    They run ads with a minimum bid of $0.75 pr. install (not click, this is install).

    The average price seems to be $1.5 and high price at $4.0. But Flurry will use the intelligent system to target users with ads for apps that are for similar apps.

    Seems like a pretty good deal compared to Admob and other marketing channels.

    Still need to find some prices for the Clips service with video...

    What do you think?

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