Flumble – Tower Block Builder

Calum Leask
Flumble is one of our latest FREE mobile games that is guaranteed to bring joy, amusement and excitement! Players take i…
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Flumble is one of our latest FREE mobile games that is guaranteed to bring joy, amusement and excitement! Players take it in turns stacking blocks onto an increasingly unstable tower, carefully balancing each one as the colourful tower grows taller. But beware… if a single block falls from the tower, you lose a life! Do you think you have what it takes to beat your friends and rise to the top to become the Flumble champion? Game Features: • STACK BLOCKS – place various shaped blocks onto your tower • BUILD YOUR TOWER – get your tower as tall as possible • HIGH SCORE – build taller than you ever have before • SINGLE PLAYER – practice balancing blocks while beating your own record • MULTIPLAYER – play with up to 4 friends and compete against each other • FREE PLAY – build anything you could possibly imagine • CUSTOMISABLE – customise multiplayer games to make them easier or harder • COLOUR-BLIND SUPPORT – have trouble seeing colour? Don’t worry, we have it covered Play in single player mode with the aim to build your tower as high as possible whilst setting yourself a new record! You must fit each coloured block carefully into the tower, maintaining the balance and preventing a Flumble. You can play in multiplayer mode with up to 4 friends. Customise each game by selecting how many lives you want the players to have, as well as how wide you want the base of the tower to be. Once ready you and your friends can begin playing. Players take it in turns adding blocks to the tower. Everyone has their own colour of blocks, creating a wonderfully colourful tower as it expands upwards. Once a player has run out of lives they are out and the game continues without them. The last remaining player wins the game and can claim the title of the official ‘Flumble Champion’! If you are feeling creative you can play around in Free Play mode to build to your heart’s content. Using the toolbox at the side of the screen, you can choose the colour, shape, and even the size of each block you create. There are no limits with this game mode!
Seller:Calum Leask
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Nov 25, 2021
Updated:Dec 01, 2021
Size:56.5 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal