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    Nov 10, 2010
    Filp To Same(reversi new play) is a puzzle board game.
    The rule of the game:
    1.Chessboard is 5 rows and 5 cols;
    2.You must put down all pieces by yourself and flip the all pieces to same color;
    3.Each chessboard has only one way to win;
    You will improve the ability of thinking and observation in Reversi by play this game,because only one way
    to win in each chessboard.You can play four to nine pieces levels in the game.If you like reversi,I think
    you will like to join this game.
    Game levels(157 levels):
    1.Four pieces (26 levels);
    2.Five pieces (30 levels);
    3.Six pieces (32 levels);
    4.Seven pieces (30 levels);
    5.Eight pieces (23 levels);
    6.Nine pieces (16 levels);
    Color:You can change six colors of piece.

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