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    Didn't see this posted so I thought I'd post about it as I just got done reviewing it and I still can't stop playing the damn thing. It's from GameResort -- the same folks who brought us Downhill Bowling and Biplane - Wings of Raccoon.

    In brief, Flip Cup is a game of ... well, flippin' cups. Take your bog standard plastic Solo cups and flip 'em over. Land 'em vertically (right-side up or upside-down) and you get points. Unlock extra things to flip and new objects to bounce those things off for extra bonus points of by achieving score milestones. Grab bonus coins for score multipliers. Play in timed mode and flip 5 cups as quickly as you can, or play in arcade mode, where all the rest of the fun happens.

    Very good graphics, smooth 3D performance (on both iPhone and 2G Touch), good sounds, and disturbingly addictive gameplay. A steal at a buck.

    [App Store link]

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    Copy the embed code from the youtube video, then wrap the codes with [ youtube ] [ /youtube ] without the spaces.

  3. Ah, that was my problem; I was just copying the URL. Thanks. :)
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