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    Nov 24, 2014
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    Hi friends,

    I've been a reader but never a poster for a few years. But now I'm very excited about posting and sharing information about our upcoming game, Fliggles™. We plan to submit to the AppStore next week! It's been a long 2 1/2 years. :)

    This is straight from our press release going out later this week. Yes, TA is getting the FIRST word about Fliggles.

    "New indie game developer, Five Fans Productions, Inc., is planning to decorate your holiday season and the happy new year ahead in PURPLE! Our NEW puzzle adventure game, Fliggles, is a 'fantastically fun game for all' featuring one bubbly and purplicious balloon hero. Find and rescue the musical notes trapped within each level and save the music to bring the happiness and giggles back to all the Fliggles in Fliggleville. Fliggles tests your dexterity and challenges your nerves as you navigate your balloon hero through mazes in caves, diving through water, and MUCH MORE. Avoid spikes and dangerous creatures that may burst your bubble and deflate your plans. Featuring over EIGHTY exciting levels, the entire Fliggles game can be played for FREE."

    Please check out the game at http://www.fliggles.com/ and see what you think about our game trailer. Drop us a line at fantasticfun@fivefans.net

    Deflate freely!

    Thank you.

    -- Jeff

    Jeff Hester
    Five Fans Productions, Inc.
    -Fantastic Fun for All


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