Universal Flick Fishing (previously Fish!) (by Strange Flavour)

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    Apr 28, 2016
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    Somebody help me#

    Can anybody help me out with the cobia quest? I can't seem to get one anywhere!:confused:
  2. Zwilnik

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    They *should* be showing up in Doom Deeps if you're casting long and using bait fish, but I think the other fish are going for the bait instead. I may have to tune them a little to make them a bit less rare.
  3. Breinstein

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    Sep 27, 2012
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    I was about to ask the same question , I have all other fish by the dozen but never reeled in a cobia. I have all the rods all the reels , tasty bait bait booster oil etc but no cobia #
  4. Zwilnik

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    Fish! v1.1 is now out. Sorry it took a while, but we've been sidetracked doing contract work to pay the bills ;)

    The main fix in the iOS version of the game is that I've bumped up the number of Cobia in Doom Deeps. I'm going to be re-introducing them to a couple of other areas in future updates too.

    The big news is that Fish! now has an Apple Watch version included. You can either use it as a wrist mounted tackle box and fish info library when playing the iOS version or actually go fishing directly on your Apple Watch!

    I did a very quick and dirty video to demo it, as in a very old-school, Nintendo style, we've not put any instructions on the Apple Watch game itself ;)

    and yes, it works with Watch OS 2 (and we'll be re-working it with better stuff for Watch OS 3).

  5. Oregon08

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    Feb 15, 2017

    Does anybody know if you can catch the harder fish such as Tiddles, Fat Bob, Wiggler, Gums, etc. like in the older game? Also, I've caught around 5 Old Mog and they don't show up in the aquarium, if anyone knows please respond.
  6. JDG12345

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    Aug 4, 2017
    Best catch waves of blue

    Just got the game as I loved the last one, everything as good as the previous version but can't get anywhere near young jim on best catch at waves of blue on the quest, any advice would be appreciated, thanks :confused:
  7. Zwilnik

    Zwilnik Well-Known Member

    There's a couple of tricks to winning best catch games. Firstly, it's not about landing the biggest fish out there, it's about landing more weight of fish, faster than your opponent. So instead of baiting for the huge fish like Swordfish and Marlin that take forever to land, go for ones like the Yellowfin Tuna, which still put up a fight and weigh decent amounts, but can be landed a lot faster.

    Secondly, it's worth collecting as many of the gizmos as possible, especially for speed and line strength. Most of the gizmos unlock simply by catching multiples of specific fish, so it's a case of just fishing in or out of competition.

    @Oregon08 the named fish are in Fish! but quite rare at the moment (they also don't show up separately in the aquarium).

    We're working hard on the big update at the moment with some big tweaks, fixes and additions. Will keep you all posted :)
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  10. Zwilnik

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    We've decided to push back the Fish! update's launch by a week to 28th September so we can get a little bit more testing and tuning in (and make sure it's iPhone X compatible ;) ).

    It is looking pretty awesome though...
  11. Zwilnik

    Zwilnik Well-Known Member

    We submitted the big 1.2 update to Fish! last night, for release on the App Store on the 28th (next Thursday).

    Here's what we've added....

    •All new User Interface
    •New network multiplayer. Play against iOS or Apple TV!
    •New upgradeable Fish guide.
    •New collections, fish up treasure and unlock new features, boosts and gizmos.
    •Xtreme and Night Mode fishing spots
    •A new fishing spot!
    •New fish!
    •Definitely more Cobia (check in Doom Deeps ;) )

    There's also a lot of little stuff like the usual bug fixes etc. but also the named fish now show separately in the Aquarium and you can see a complete page of all the fish species you've caught and have yet to catch.
    One major change in gameplay from the older versions is that now the collections are in the game, we've gone back to the Flick Fishing approach of unlocking gizmos by completing collections. If you've already unlocked any gizmos though, they'll stay unlocked :)

    Next up, I've got to get the AppleTV version updated to match the 1.2 version (and handle 4k ;) )
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  13. fatkit

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    Mar 10, 2013
    Great Update! Insta-Bought to support Dev:)
  14. Zwilnik

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    Thanks fatkit!

    The AppleTV update is taking longer than planned, which is a bit annoying as some people are getting issues with the Siri Remote in it when they update to tvOS 11 (seems to be a glitch in my older controller code).

    The good news is, that bug goes away with the update and the TV version gets all the new locations, fish, collections etc that are in the 1.2 version of Fish! on iOS. More importantly, it finally gets the cross platform network multiplayer compatibility with the iOS version so you can play 1-4 players (actually 2-8 if you're using pass and play in network mode) with your TV and iPhones/iPads.

    The not so great news is it's still a big complicated project (even with the new UI and everything being rewritten to simplify the updates), so it's kind of a race for me to get the update done, reliable, tested and submitted before I collapse from exhaustion :)
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    I LOVE me a GOOD fishing game!! But there’s three things I CANNOT deal with in any of them, though, and one of those is catching aquarium fish! In other words—I definitely DONT want to be catching Blue Tangs and Clownfish! To see a pole going bendo and then some little Clownfish putting on a huge fight and then snapping the line pisses me off because that would NEVER happen! It’s an insult to my intelligence! I mean, I realize lots of people don’t know a lot about fish in general, but I kinda DO, and I’m sure others out there do as well! You don’t catch a Bluegill or Largemouth Bass in the ocean!! Or a seahorse in a lake that fights as hard as a whale! LOL!! Another thing I can’t deal with is catching a boot, treasure, or a sock, (or whatever) which “fights” on the way up! Just stupid!!
    Perhaps some may think I’m being too nit-picky about it, but I’m a fisherman and an experienced Saltwater, as well as Freshwater aquarist, and I’m not a little kid, so I like to see it somewhat realistically presented unless it’s trying to be over-the-top fantasy-like, such as Ridiculous Fishing or the like which I enjoy also!
    If this game doesn’t have any of the above in it, I’m IN!! If it does, I’m OUT!
  16. Zwilnik

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    It does (now) have treasure items in (by popular request), but they don't fight. In fact you can usually tell you've nabbed a treasure chest because you can reel it straight in. Definitely doesn't have aquarium fish in though, that wouldn't be sporting :)

    The strength and power of each fish is dependent on its weight and reputation (Pike might be lighter than some fish for instance, but can be a lot more tenacious) and the line strength at each spot is set to balance them. The later fishing spots being more difficult of course (and upping the difficulty drops the line strength even more).

    We're quite happy to bend the rules of reality a little in the quest for gameplay and fun, but there are limits ;)
  17. Zwilnik

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    Fish 1.3 update with FishNet

    Hopefully later today or early tomorrow I'll be submitting the big 1.3 update to Fish!

    This is the first of a 2 part update (it was intended to be a single mega update, but a family crisis and bereavement over the new year hit our schedule and we decided to split the update to get the more important changes done first).

    Feature-wise, the big one in 1.3 is the re-introduction of FishNet, which is an online multiplayer game mode we originally trialled in Flick Fishing pre Game Center and pre Plus+ days!

    Essentially, one player creates a FishNet game and gets a 6 letter code. Share the code with your friends and they can use it to join your FishNet. Now any fish you catch are added to your running total for Best Catch and compared to see who's caught the Best Fish so far. When the game ends (you can set them to 1 or 3 day or 1 or 2 week games) the winner of Best Catch and the winner of Best Fish are awarded medals which automatically boost your fishing skills.

    This version of FishNet goes one better than the old one though. We now have FishNet Teams. Create or join a team and all your team member's fish count towards weekly and monthly FishNet league scores. The top 3 teams each week/month win Gold, Silver or Bronze medals for all their members.

    1.3 also has a lot of changes requested by players. Such as exiting the game going back to the map screen rather than the main menu. Also Xtreme mode is unlocked for a location by winning any vs CPU tournament there (like it used to in FF) rather than requiring a collection to unlock all of them.

    Coming later, the 1.3.1 update will add more, such as the Legendary Fish and customisable rods.
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    Thanks, is it not showing as an update for you or just now showing in search (iOS search is pretty much nerfed, you have to search for Fish! Strange Flavour or Flick Fishing and scroll down the list a lot to find it).

    It may just be taking a while to roll out across the different stores though.

    [edit] just checked our UK store and it's still showing 1.2.5 despite 1.3 being "Ready for Sale" on our panel. So it does look like it's being very slow to propagate through all the stores. I'll keep you updated!

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