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    I’m a member of team creating new social network application called Flashbomb.
    Flashbomb is a new social app, which allows its users to share their pictures, short movies, but with new, extra-ordinary meaning of social networking.

    App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.

    When the „FLASHTIME” starts, each user will receive a notification. During the "FLASHTIME”, your camera will be unlocked.

    Once you have unlocked camera, You will have three minutes to take a photo. If you manage it, you will join others and create a photo gallery with them.

    So, If you already joined Flashtime, then you can discover and like other users moments made at the same time as your moment. Remember that you can browse them only if you've sent your own moment!

    Finally, if your captured moment gets the most likes, you win the "Flashtime" and your photo/video gets placed in the "Hall of Fame"

    See you in Flashbomb

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