Flappy Land

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    Feb 17, 2015


    We have considered all that you like in the original version of the game, creating a new environment. The main feature is Flappy Land -

    allow players to set their own conditions: type of game, maps and character!

    And now you are waited by six excellent Flappy Land attractions:

    controls a hero, attempting to fly between walls of pipes without coming into contact with them
    Try to repeat too most only in the opposite direction
    Overcome the gravity of ONiGames. Everything was on the contrary, gravity pulls up and the need to jump down
    The world has gone mad! Jumping the entire map!!!
    Feel like a hero living in a world where everything moves twice as fast, noo three times faster, nooo four times faster
    crazy walls
    Walls took away an initiative, they stopped being static and started moving. You can overcome moving obstacles?
    Don't Stop!

    You choose a favorite modes, and combine them!


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