"Flappy All" or "Incoming in GameDev"!

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    Aug 2, 2018
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    Good afternoon, evening, night, gentlemen and guests of this forum. Today we would like to tell you about our project, which took two and a half months of continuous work.

    We tried to do it very quickly. But the reality is harsh and our first project took two months more than expected. Every day we spent 8-10 hours. (Honestly, the head slides down a bit after a week of continuous assault.) When you're new to GameDev, you don't understand all aspects of development, creation, promotion, etc. We thought we'd sit down and do it. But what good would that do? If we really want to play games, we need to immerse ourselves in this world. And we began to sink.

    Hundreds of articles, dozens of forums, interviews were taken into service. To all this still flew articles and books on drawing, programming and all this devilry. For a start, the plan was to produce the lightest TimeKiller about “the Tavern”. We did not hurry and decided to go on the path of learning and finding pitfalls. Why not fill your hand on another “Flappy”.

    Another ”Flappy“ Was made by us in one day. And in fact, this experience has not given us anything interesting, except the basic code of the game mechanics. The solution was fast, to recreate “Flappy” completely from scratch. But you guys agree that you can make a new “Flappy” ?)) We decided to leave all your favorite mechanics (and not your favorite), enter shopping with the store, and focus on graphics, pop graphics in the style of pixel art.

    Having installed about 50 different “Flappy“ from the Play Market, 2/3 of which to put it mildly were ”sucks”, the idea came to us by itself. Why not combine all the “Flappy” and take the best of them. So our motto appeared: “we make the best Flappy All in the world, the first and the last, and get experience ^^”. To do this, we had to unite all the characters (agree to fly a single bird is boring). Respectively, and themes. All this has attracted and in-game currency. And it led us to monetize this project. Where there is a shop, there are also purchases. The themes of the characters and backgrounds were chosen exclusively according to current trends and events. Who wouldn't want to fly a Tesla into space? And we give this opportunity in the new (next) “Flappy All”. Maybe “Frog Pepe” also wants to fly? Or maybe the character streamer “Ninja“ in the theme of ”Fortnite”?

    We offer you to evaluate our work. In fact, from the project for training, we did not make a shameful product. In which they themselves hang out and set new records.

    Google Play

    The article is written for the purpose of reverse review (do not look for the hidden meaning). We are already working on a new project and a new idea (they have already accumulated well). And of course we are interested to hear your opinion and draw certain conclusions. And of course see you in the table of records “Flappy All”.

    P.S. Designer and developer the power is Almighty. One draws the other prohormone. Just two of us.


    P.P.S. Sorry for my bad English. :(

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