Universal Fitness Village: GPS, Activity Tracking & Couch Gaming

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    Aug 22, 2017
    To make fitness fun again

    Nice to meet you! I'm Klaus Kääriäinen the COO of Fitness Village. I've been in the game industry for around ten years now, creating PC & Mobile games on different companies.

    Our recent achievement, Fitness Village is a twisted combination of traditional mobile couch game, Pokemon GO -like location-based challenges and activity tracking is going for the global launch this month. The game was nominated as the 'Best Technological Innovation' on Mobile Game Awards 2018.

    We're a small team from Jyväskylä, Finland discovering ways to make active lifestyle and "fitness" more accessible and fun for our selves, but also for everyone else. Fitness Village is our first approach into this and so far, and it's looking pretty neat!


    Fitness Village: GPS, Activity Tracking & Couch Gaming
    Global Launch Date: Thursday, August 16h, 2018


    The Game
    Fitness Village was nominated for Mobile Game Awards 2018 for "Best Technological Innovation" by combining activity tracking, location-based challenges, and couch gaming! All wrapped up into one single seamless mobile game, which is going for the global launch on 16th of August, 2018.

    “With Fitness Village, we want to introduce gamified & entertaining environment for daily activity. By using location-based (Pokemon Go -like) challenges and activity tracking sensors (Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit…). With real-life activity, you're able to purchase boosters and other benefits for your "couch mode", where you compete against other players in various different game modes in daily tournaments. Staying fit is now gamified, rewarding and fun.” - COO, Klaus Kääriäinen, Fitness Village Ltd


    In Fitness Village you develop your avatar character by playing dozens of different games modes, which vary from puzzles to reaction based challenges. These game modes can either be played on ‘Adventure Mode’ by completing a series of levels and unlocking new boosters & clothing for your character. In daily tournaments, you are able to test your skills against other players worldwide.


    By switching to GO -mode you open up world map at your current physical location. Start completing real-world challenges on the go, such as treasure hunt, sprint & distance challenges and much more. While you’re off, your health sensors (Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit) collect your activity data, which can be collected within the game for ‘Activity Points’. These points can be used for in-game purchases!​


    Most of us collect activity data by using apps like Google Fit, Apple Health or similar but use it only to see our past week performance and think of exercise as a separate routine which has to be performed as often as possible. Fitness Village is here to change the way we live more active life, making it gamified, rewarding and fun.

    About Fitness Village

    The mission of Fitness Village is to create easily accessible and entertaining products for mobile platforms, which aim to bring active life and fitness fun for everyone. For now, the products are self-published and created by a small dedicated team. The company is located in Finland.

    Find out more: Homepage
    Google Play: Fitness Village on Google Play
    Appstore: Fitness Village on Appstore


    Game: Fitness Village -The Game
    Short description: Combining mobile gaming, activity tracking & real-life challenges!
    Global Launch: 16th of August (Appstore & Google Play)


    We would love to offer you the possibility of trying out the game before the global launch, which is happening on the 16th of August 2018.

    Here is the store link for Appstore:

    If you would like to test the game on TestFlight before global launch, please provide us your email address: [email protected] , Thank you!

    Here is the store link for Google Play:

    Fitness Village on Google Play

    ANDROID TESTING: Google Play Beta
    Fitness Village (BETA) on Google Play

    Best regards,
    Klaus Kääriäinen (LinkedIn: ) My LinkedIn
    Chief Operating Officer, Fitness Village Ltd
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    Aug 22, 2017
    To make fitness fun again

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