Fishermans Life - Fantasy Fishing Game & Aquarium

In a far away place lives a young boy who would like to become a fisherman. His grandfather told him stories of unusual …
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In a far away place lives a young boy who would like to become a fisherman. His grandfather told him stories of unusual fishes and beautiful places, but hardly anyone believes the old man. So the young boy decides to travel to these places to prove that his grandfather is telling the truth. That is how the journey of the young boy began and it became an unforgettable adventure.

Grab your fishing rod and catch unique fishes in wonderful places with this great fishing game.


- Unique fishes:
In Fisherman's Life, there are countless unique fish species you can find and catch. Prove together with the young boy that the stories of his grandfather are true and the unique fishes exist.

- Beautiful locations:
To catch all the fishes you have to travel to 5 beautiful locations. On your adventure variety is guaranteed - from the hot land near an active volcano to the legendary fish paradise, a hidden lake in the middle of a mountain chain, everything can be found on your journey. So grab your fishing rod and try to catch them all.

- Simple and realistic controls:
You do not have to be an experienced fisherman to help the young boy on his journey. In Fisherman's Life, you can use the tilt sensor of your iPhone to cast the fishing rod and to catch the fish - fishing was never that realistic. But your movements have to be well-coordinated - the controls are simple, but hard to master. You can improve your fishing skills with experience points and therefore catch even rarer and valuable fish over time. It always feels like a real fishing simulation.

- More Details:
In Fisherman's Life, every fish has 6 additional attributes. Every fish has a strength, an intelligence, a dexterity, a charisma, an appearance and an agility value. Those come along with the usual weight and size information of a fish. This allows you to estimate exactly how successful your catch was and whether your fish is a rare one or not. A rare fish is harder to catch, but a real pro fisher never loses his patience.

- Fish breeding:
You can use a female and a male fish from your collection to breed your own fish. With a little luck, the new fish will inherit the best values from both parents and will become extremely rare and powerful.

- Underwater View:
Do you want to observe your caught fishes more closely? You can use the underwater view for that. Depending on the size and weight of a fish it will appear bigger, smaller, thinner or thicker. As time moves on your fishes will surely grow in this place. This could make them more worthy.

- Quests and Contests:
If you want to gain more experience or have your fish abilities be judged by a jury you have the possibility to solve special quests or participate in weekly (game-time) competitions.


Graphics by
Nadegda Mihailova

Sound by
Hannes Johansson
Genre:Simulation, Sports
Release:Dec 22, 2016
Updated:Aug 07, 2017
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal