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    Our new game Fish! has passed approval and goes live on the 10th December.

    Fish! is our reboot of our hit game Flick Fishing for the Apple TV, with the iOS version to follow. It's Universal Purchase so buying the Apple TV version automatically gets you both. Price will be $3.99.

    From the award winning creators of Flick Fishing comes a full blown sequel!

    Fish! is Strange Flavour's brand new fishing game, created especially for the Apple TV and iOS

    •Fish in 6 gorgeous living 3D locations for 27 different kinds of fish and unlock them to show off in your virtual aquarium!

    •Take it easy, kick back and just fish in each spot or see if you can win trophies in competition modes. Or take on a quest that will carry you around the island in search of rare fish and treasure!

    •Boost your fishing skills by unlocking different gizmos, fish charms, rods and reels. Choose the right bait and see if you can catch one of the super rare and very large, named fish that hides in each spot.

    •What about fishing with your friends? Challenge them to a fishing competition or just chill out in front of your TV and enjoy fishing together. Up to 4 players can join in at once using the Siri Remote, MFI Game Controllers or the iOS version of the Fish! as a controller.

    As with all Strange Flavour's Apple TV games, Fish! is Universal Purchase, so buying either the Apple TV or iOS version lets you download both. The iOS version of Fish! also works as a multiplayer controller over Wi-Fi!

    Yes, that's 4 player fishing on your TV! :)

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