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    The Big Fish Eat Small Fish becomes Online Game
    Very innovative and entertaining
    The best for the fun with whole family and friends!
    Many Lovely fish for you to play
    Dress your fish in exotic outfits to play the game at Fish Party

    #Play with family and friends for maximum fun.
    #Built in fun modes such as Coin Rush, Steal the eggs, and Ghostbuster.
    #Two player game mode can be used to pass levels together. Play with your lover to enhance your relationship.
    #Take the single challenge to test your courage and determination.
    #Stunning sea world 3D graphics and intuitive controls.
    #All kinds of exotic fish you have never seen (melon fish, panda fish, mermaid, gold shark)
    #Dream wardrobe collection where you can select your fish fantasy outfit.
    #Collect all the images from the game.

    Many Game Modes make it as "Fish Party"
    Big Fish eat Small Fish
    Coin Rush
    Steal Eggs
    Ghost Run
    Fish Defense

    Available at UK and Canada

    Follow US at

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