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Imagine playing a game of dodgeball with Fireballs, all while uncovering a dark tale of an ancient war that has lasted f…
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Imagine playing a game of dodgeball with Fireballs, all while uncovering a dark tale of an ancient war that has lasted for millennia. The game is full of action-packed battles, beautiful worlds, and intricate heroes with rich backstories. Battle, collect, and craft to become the greatest guardian in the FIRESKY universe! FIRESKY, is a fantasy RPG that allows players to collect heroes and cards as they battle enemies and other guardians in an extensive story or in the PVP arena. The rich story is a captivating tale, about a diverse cast of characters on an epic quest to destroy the ultimate threat in the multiverse, the Demon King and his formidable army. Season one follows Keiko, a princess born in blood, who seeks revenge for the death of her parents and will stop at nothing until she battles the Demon King himself. Each hero has a unique journey that is unlocked through the story. As you collect more heroes, you unveil more stories and play the game from different timelines and perspectives to unlock the universe's enigmatic secrets, essential for defeating this powerful foe. Engage in the intense PVP Arena, where players wield complete control over their gauntlet/weapon, crafting the ideal weapon to suit their unique fighting style. Characters are unlocked through the gripping story, and these unlocked heroes become formidable contenders in the PVP arena. This is the arena where skilled players can excel, showcasing their mastery of the gauntlet while facing off against the game's top fighters. FIRESKY boasts a roster of 30+ distinctive characters, each with unique powers and abilities. Fueled by assembling the perfect combination of cards, the gauntlet adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. While FIRESKY is easy to pick up, becoming a master requires dedication. To gain an advantage, players must strategically collect gems and cards, crafting them into powerful weapons and magic to dominate the competition. X @firesky_gg Discord officialfiresky IG TikTok
Seller:Concept Haus
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Mar 26, 2024
Updated:Apr 27, 2024
Size:2.5 GB
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Compatibility:HD Universal