iPhone finger dream is king

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  1. shandingmoon

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    Jul 3, 2012
    3d finger experience,a dream experience.
    Fingers for a knife, you play the machine must, sliding between your fingers to let you experience the thrill and the hero of pride, cool.
    The story is about the day you find time and space is a dream-like magic, your home is a lot of strange objects, they flew to seduce you and disturb you, you waving your fingers and slid them, one of them exploded in front of you, ha ha!
    Objects have their own life, when you destroy it, it will explode and disappear when its own system records, a lot of losing the will end automatically (swimming ball or spare tire does not count).
    This is a 3d version of the cutting-game that will test your reaction judge and three-dimensional space.[​IMG]

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