Finders Sweepers Treasure Hunt

Exceptionull Games LLC
Embark on a treasure hunting adventure full of excitement and danger! Comb through sandy beaches, ancient ruins, and for…
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Embark on a treasure hunting adventure full of excitement and danger! Comb through sandy beaches, ancient ruins, and forgotten mountaintops for valuable artifacts in this new logic puzzle game inspired by Microsoft Minesweeper. - Sweep and dig for treasures! Win by finding them all! - Find hidden items! Follow the numbered clues to find secrets. Maximize your score to get three stars! - Explore new lands! The game's hundreds of levels take you on a journey around the world. - Beware of booby traps and hungry wildlife! You're not the only one after that gold. Instead of being a mine sweeper like in other minesweeper games, take the role of a treasure hunter following clues on your journey to retrieve your father's lost gold. Instead of having to avoid bombs, the numbers on the playfield tell you where to dig. It could easily be an old tin can, but it could also be riches! Look carefully at the colors of the numbers to know for sure. Your father's map will show you which ones to look for in any given area. That's not to say your hike through the jungle won't be dangerous! It can still be somewhat of a minefield. Numbers you dig up can also show up in an inky black color, indicating nearby spiders, pitfalls, and nests of snakes. Oh, and watch out for bigfoot in the mountains! Yeti like to watch you from the edges of the board. Thankfully you can flag suspect areas so as to avoid digging in those squares. Finder's Sweepers is the "Reverse Minesweeper" treasure hunting adventure you've always wanted but never knew existed! For those who like: Classic Mines, Buscaminas or Minesweeper Classic Free / Minesweeper Q and other Microsoft games, of course, but also digging games like Mining Inc, Mining Tycoon or mining simulator. Also try it if you're into cerebral block puzzle affairs such as Blockus (or Blokus) or Mindfield. Finder's Sweepers will also appeal to logic game devotees, such as fans of Codenames, Otrio, and Labyrinth. Then again, the original Minesweeper was inspired by classic board games as well, so anything like Carcassonne, Connect 4, Scythe, or Wingspan could inspire you to hunt for treasure in this one. For those who don't like: anything boring or slow. This isn't your dad's sweeper game! Finder's Sweepers is fast-paced if you want it to be, slinging earth every which way and collecting all the bonuses in a mad dash speedrun to the finish. It's forgiving of mistakes (well, unless you run headfirst into that yeti!). Even then, anyone who wants a more casual experience can trade gems for extra moves, lives, or even resurrect oneself from an untimely demise! Once. There has to be enough of you left to piece back together. Privacy Notice: Finder's Sweepers collects your device’s IP address, advertising ID, and other partner-specific identifiers. These identifiers enable personalized ads and analytics to improve our game. Opt-out or learn more by visiting our Privacy Center, accessible from the game's settings.
Seller:Exceptionull Games LLC
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:May 13, 2022
Updated:May 13, 2022
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