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    Finda is a new social tool that automatically connects you to the people around you and breaks down social barriers

    We’ve designed Finda to help remove the barriers many people face when trying to make friends in a new setting be is a new city, neighborhood or even a local coffee shop

    What makes Finda unique?

    When Find matches you with a new person (within the distance settings you can control) you are required to have a conversation that lasts at least ten lines ..

    After those ten lines you can vote on the conversation either approving it or disapproving it

    • If you both approve the conversation you will be able to talk longer and get a copy of each others profile pictures so if you run into each other in the future you have an ice breaker!

    • if either party disapproves the session is ended

    With Finda you ..

    ★ Don’t need to create a profile with your photo ★
    ★ Will always talk to someone new ★
    ★ Have no profiles to shift though ★
    ★ Have no weird social pretext ★
    ★ Get a push notifications★
    ★ Can break down social barriers ★
    ★ Will be using the greatest local chat app ever created ★

    You turn it on, and when someone comes within range (which you can adjust) you are placed in a chat session with him or her

    How it works

    Some Tips

    • Make sure you vote your conversation up or down! if you vote up you can continue your conversation -- if you vote down you immediately leave!

    • If you don’t want to be placed in a new chat session just go to options and set Searching to off

    • You can adjust how far of a distance you want to search for me people, just go to options and set the range!

    • Use Find to meet people around you or around the globe

    • If you and the person your talking to both approve of the conversation you will receive their profile picture so you have an icebreaker IRL!

    Please note: We use Facebook as our login system because we think it makes for a better user experience and allows us to easily restrict access to problem users. Finda will never post to your facebook account or the facebook accounts of your friends.


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