Universal Final Fantasy: Record Keeper (by DeNA Corp.)

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    I have been playing this game on and off for a while, but when "on", I got hard as all sh*t. The last several months particularly I have done just that. I'm in a spot in the game where I have several characters at 80, many of them with AT LEAST unique soul breaks, but several super and a few burst. I have AT LEAST one of every role filled for any number of combinations for teams, and a wealth of spells and abilities for any situation (several 4star abilities at rank 4-5, and quite a few 5star abilities at rank 1). I have dozens of record Materia for all manner of situations from auto-grinding to heavy magic hitting or many weapon buff stuff) I am at a point in the game where it's just freaking fun. I should also mention that I've only ever spent $30 on this game, and that was with a gift card and figured why the hell not. WELL beyond have gotten my money's worth me thinks.

    Anyways, the reason I bring all this up, is that even though I've been feeling like a total badass with my parties and strats and stuff... I've still never beat through THE VERY END of any event dungeon situation. I beat the 140's, and I've even beat the Ultima Nightmare dungeon (I have all the bosses of all of the other ones down except the last one of each of them) but never was able to beat any of the 160 ones.

    Until today... I beat Terra and Cloud in the 160 Ultimate+ Dungeon and man... that was a rush. I did wipe once though, so I did get the Defense +10% buff but good lord it still was just as hard.

    Party was
    Sephiroth - Dark Bargain/Full Charge (Black Materia SB/Heroic Stance RM)
    Hope - Darkra/Curaise (Brutal Sanc. SB/Attunement II RM)
    Garland - Lifesiphon/Sanguine Cross (Dark Rebirth SB/Battleforged RM)
    Vanille - Curaja/Drainga (Oerba's Boon SB/Cetra's Destiny RM)
    Red XIII - Full Break/Power Break (Stardust Ray SB/Self Sacrifice RM)

    RW was Yshtola or whatever with Aetheral Pulse of something. The one that gives you Shell/Protect and Major Regen. The most beautiful of all RW assets imo. Just smashed on Terra ASAP whilst having Red full break her, then when those ran out keep Clouds power down a bit while everyone filled their SB gauges. I put a heavy amount of gauge fill on Garland because Dark Rebirth makes some pretty OP Dark sh*t happen. And since Cloud and Terra were weak to that, on top of the bravery boost from Garland, that thing took a sizable chunk of health from them. Still, those attacks they did damn near one shot people without shell/prot and even with those on, Vanille and Hope were pretty much on full time heal duty until Terra was down and then everyone just out DPS'ed the crap out of cloud.

    I f*cking love this stupid game.

    Edit: by beat, I mean I champion'ed it.
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    Haven't touched this game in a long time and decided to install it to see what's new. Surprised to see almost nothing is new at all. The "new things" are so minor like record dive and gysahl greens. Oh but of course tons of new soul break equipment. Same ol events and dungeons - deleted again
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    Multiplayer opens today at 5:00 for anyone interested.
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    I been wanting to get back into this. When I reinstalled it on my iPhone 7+, it just gives me an error that says System Error; Oops! Something went wrong. It worked just fine on my iPad

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