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Field Fencer is based on the classic Dots and Boxes game (aka Boxes, Squares or the Dot Game), and adds gorgeous graphic…
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Field Fencer is based on the classic Dots and Boxes game (aka Boxes, Squares or the Dot Game), and adds gorgeous graphics with adorable, fuzzy, fence-building obsessed creatures to a traditional game that everyone knows and loves. Combined with its ease of use, unique single player options and numerous ways to play with friends, Field Fencer will keep you entertained for quite a while.

Help Oinko to defend his field! There's a shortage of land, and everyone is eyeing his property. Toby needs a place to plant his bonsai trees. Sammy wants to grow a big field full of sunflowers. And Swineko would love to steal the land and turn it into a big mud pool to roll around in.

Place fences around patches of land to claim them. You can build one fence per turn. Earn points for each claimed square. Whoever completes a square gets another turn. The player with the most squares of land wins.

Play single player matches against computer-controlled opponents of varying difficulty levels. Start out with a few rounds against Toby, who is still learning how to play. Sammy knows the basics, and will give you a harder time. Be prepared for some sneaky tactics when you try your luck against the experienced Swineko.

Invite your friends to join you in a multiplayer match. You can either play on one device, use Bluetooth to connect two devices, or play online via 3G or Wi-Fi on any Game Center enabled device.

- Six unique playing fields
- Three challenging opponents
- Share your device for local multiplayer, or connect two devices using Bluetooth
- Online multiplayer matches over 3G or Wi-Fi on any Game Center enabled device
- Achievements and unlockable rewards
- Leaderboard for single player high scores
- Player customization with a choice of playable characters
- High resolution graphics for iPad and Retina display devices

"This game is highly fun and challenging" -

"Cute, kid friendly and visually appealing" -

For best Bluetooth performance, make sure Bluetooth is enabled in your device settings, and temporarily disable Wi-Fi. Bluetooth networking is not supported on the original iPhone or the first-generation iPod touch.

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Genre:Board, Strategy
Release:Aug 09, 2010
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