feedHopper RSS reader 2.0 released (ipad)

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    Jul 13, 2008
    feedHopper 2.0 is now available in the iPad app store. It features all-new hand-drawn artwork, new features, and significant performance enhancements for startup, refreshing (downloading), and searching.

    feedHopper was built from the ground up for the iPad and its screen, maximizing the RSS reading experience.

    iTunes link
    feedHopper RSS Reader for iPad

    User guide and faq:

    Forum for any pre-sales questions or general support:

    Advanced features:
    * Google reader sync (optional)
    * Folders (categories)
    * Full widescreen view
    * Very fast, supporting hundreds of feeds and thousands of articles (if you so desired)
    * Twitter integration
    * Creates full text articles for feeds that only provide summaries (optional)
    * Creates thumbnails for articles that do not provide them (optional)
    * Internet feed search
    * Article vault
    * Podcast support
    * Support for authenticated feeds
    * Parental controls for locking out select feeds, actions (such as in-app email, tweeting), etc.

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