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    Jul 16, 2015

    My name is Amir Asaraf and I'm the creator of this game. Please share your taught on my strategy game.
    The game can be downloaded from here

    Thanks in advance.

    Here is some information on the game:

    Colony commander is a massive multiplayer game which let's you manage your own colony from it's very beginning to a powerful and dominating colony.

    At first, you will have to build the essential building to operate, such as Gold mine, power plant and oil pump . These building will produce resources to build and maintain various army units and capabilities.

    You will have to build and operate a large arsenal of attack units to initiate various of attacks on your enemies.

    Take advantage of the world locations around you and invest time to explore them. In some locations you will find resources and abandoned units. ☠Pirates☠ and rebels can be found all over the world, defeat them to keep them away from you. You will discover more interesting location as you go such as: Casino, Traders and more...
    Want to earn some gold or crystals? visit the roulette and wheel of fortune. They can give you a big boost of gold. Visit devious traders around the world, they can offer great deals or can deceive you.

    Complete missions to earn valuable crystals and supply crates. Supply crates can contain gold, attack units and special attack units.

    Create or join clans to grow stronger and improve your dominance. Complete clan missions to get prizes.

    The colony is part of a country. Your colony gold balance will be influenced directly from it. Join global wars against other countries and weaken them. Once a war is declared all the country colonies should take active role in wining the war.

    Experience a wide range of aspects in leading your own colony: production, military, external affairs, wars and world adventures.
    Start building your colony today! Icon2_Corrected.jpeg Screenshot_20201129-163008.jpg

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