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    Jul 24, 2012
    Feed the Penguin is a logical game. It was drawn using brushes and special painting techniques. These techniques make the game look original and exceptionally beautiful. It impresses people by its graphic and well considered game play. Carefully composed levels, charming personage and impressive design make this game unique. Feed the Penguin is a real masterpiece.

    Now there is Feed the Penguin Premium version (0.99$) with all the rooms opened on App Store. It came out July, 23. (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/feed-the-penguin-premium/id543171903)

    The game consists of passing 6 level packs (rooms) each room has 20 levels.
    A player should help the Penguin (the main character of the game) to collect food. A player should use wit and logic to pass levels and complete missions.

    So there are six rooms: entrance hall, a couple of reception rooms, bathroom, terrace and kitchen.
    In each of the room there is food for Penguin: lollipops, strawberries, sausages, fish and more tasty things that the bird likes. The food is placed in different corners of the room, apart from food there are bulbs that should be lightened if a player wants to open a new room. To collect the food and light the bulbs a player should make a path, that can be quite hard sometimes but not impossible.
    On each level there will be some obstacles that complicate a game play – spiders, knifes, cockroaches,
    towels, mittens, sockets and others.

    - there are no games like Feed the Penguin on App Store;
    - creates cozy and warm atmosphere;
    - original graphics techniques;
    - pleasant music;
    - smart game play;
    - you will like it!

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    Jul 27, 2012
    I'm playing the free version and enjoying it very much. Does the premium version also have ads?
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    Jun 25, 2010

    First, congrats on releasing this game. My early impression is very positive, with one major caveat (below). The graphics are good, and the mechanics are simple to learn but difficult to master. The latter is true when there are large numbers of nodal points (inflectional points) to manage.

    To this end, however, I question if this is the type of game in which intricate levels can be easily designed but extremely difficult to solve. This is generally true for a subtype of path finding game in which a particular solution path can be easily drafted up first, then obstacles are put into place based on this path. It is the task of the player to then try to "reverse engineer" the path based on the obstacles left in place. Obviously, I do not know what strategy the developer has adopted when making these levels. However, I can easily visualize the situation in which a level can be made nearly impossible to solve simply because of the high number of nodes / inflections in the path. In such cases, while some logic deductions are indeed required, most of the time the strategy quickly deteriorate to large number of frustrating trial and error by moving different nodes around in order to find the "correct" path.

    Avko, would it be possible to share your method of designing these levels? Are they designed using the method I described above?

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