Faux Gravity

Su Min Kim
Launch Nuclear Missiles! Control Spacecrafts! Collect Gold! Build and develop a defense system that will lock out unfrie…
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Launch Nuclear Missiles! Control Spacecrafts! Collect Gold! Build and develop a defense system that will lock out unfriendly intruders from outer space. Faux Gravity is a mini Real-time Strategy Survival game with randomly generated enemies. You need to collect gold and expand your planet in order to survive. Features: ▶Melee Defender: Don't let looks deceive you. The little warrior will evolve with every upgrade and show its mighty endless spin around the globe. ▶Plasma Cannon: Defending the planet all by yourself can be a handful at times. This hi-tech machine will automatically tear down invaders. Beware, it has its limits. ▶Space Fighters: Engines need serious upgrade for it to reach its full speed but it's the only thing you got to make precise attacks. ▶Defense Tower: What happens if your troops miss that sneaky little UFOs. Press the Shield and watch them bounce like tennis balls! "Timing is the key, commander!" ▶Planet Expansion: Unleash the full potential of the planet. Not only will you be able to have more health bars, but you can also unlock more upgradeables with each increased population. Special Featuring: ▶The Nuke: Are those invaders causing you too much problems? Here is a little button. One little press....... and BAM!!!!! Blast 'em all! ▶Boss Fight: Low on Gem? This is a great chance for you to get extra help. Selectable rewards are waiting for you. Get rewards and Have Fun while getting it! ▶Item Party: Items, items, and more items! Randomly generated power-up(2xGold) and gem rewards will give you time take some break from aliens. ▶Emergency Capsule: Commander, don't give up on us now. Here is a little something that will help you to have a jump start on another planet. ▶Leaderboard: Compete for the longest survival against players around the world. ▶Notch Screen Support: Enjoy the full game with adjusted display on newer iOS devices. ▶iPad FullScreen Support: Adjusted GUI for iPad devices. Perfect for the big screens! Thank you so much for playing. If you have any suggestions or need to report a bug, please don't hesitate to contact me through email.
Seller:Su Min Kim
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:Nov 02, 2019
Updated:Dec 07, 2019
Size:192.7 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal