FastOpenNotification Center Launcher-free for iphone and ipad

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    This free app can quickly open your favorite applications,speeding up your daily actions.
    You can place a large number of apps、websites、system settings and contacts into notification center page.It provides the largest number of software among all the similar apps.

    Download Link:


    -To quickly access your favorite contacts.
    -To quickly open the system setting.Control the mobile data by a button.
    -Launch frequently-used apps——thousands of built-in apps.
    -To get home and search a nearby hotel、coffee shop、your location or go to anywhere.

    -Change the icon size and hidden tab.
    -Provide a wide range of icon styles.You can choose your favorite one.
    -Settings and editing shortcut is extremely simple.
    -Change a variety of background by sliding your screen.


    This app is free for iphone and ipad now,maybe you can try it.

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