Farm and Mine: Idle Tycoon

Alexey Izvalov
Farm and mine idle tycoon combines the most fun features from idle farm tycoon games and clicker mine simulators. You ha…
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Farm and mine idle tycoon combines the most fun features from idle farm tycoon games and clicker mine simulators. You have a vegetable farm at start. But as you grow more food, build a house, another one, drill for coal and oil, you can create a farming empire and become a millionaire tycoon Unlike other incremental tycoon games this idle game has 3 main interconnected branches: Agriculture. Farms grow crops and provide food to grow city population. Some crops (like veggies) can be sold directly at the market, while others will need a longer production chain. For example, wheat in our farm tycoon simulator should be brought to the windmill to produce flour, then the bakery uses flour to bake bread and sell it to the people. Sell more and earn more money to become rich. As you sell food your population grows brining more citizens in your city Population. Like in city building games you gain more workforce the more inhabitants live in your city. Workforce is a currency to upgrade automation of production. While farms fertility is upgraded by spending money, to hire farm workers you'll need to spend workforce. After than you'll get an idle farm which will work by itself even when you are offline. However, you can always additionally speed-up the production of facilities by pressing on them. Simply tap to build or dig faster Industry. As your city population grows you'll need to build houses for more people (otherwise population growth would stop). Build houses by expanding your Industry. Initially you mine clay and produce bricks from it. Later on you'll unlock other materials, including reinforced concrete for the skyscrapers, which will need mining iron ore and coal and smelting iron. Industry will also provide additional production chains to produce goods for your population, earn money from it and provide special growth boosts This idle tycoon game has over 50 facilities which will make you rich: farm, windmill, coal mine, forge, oil well, fishing boat, pumpkin farm, pizzeria, truck Once you feel that your progression has slowed down, you can restart the game and earn prestige points, just like in a common idle clicker game. What is unique is that you can select, which aspect of your city building should be increased by prestige points: Tap effect, Housing capacity, Population growth, Prices level, Production efficiency, Transport capacity, Inventions speed. Every aspect unlocks new city building strategy with new ways of becoming a millionaire tycoon Why this incremental game stands out among the other idle clickers: - No extensive clicking is needed: the game has auto-clicker. No need of tap tap to build - just press on the screen once and the autoclicker will do the construction work for you - This is the offline game, no wifi is needed to play and develop your farm and mine. You can enjoy your offline money earnings without the internet connection - No intrusive ads: ads will be shown only if you want it (in the exchange of bonus such as free upgrade or more idle money) - Idle time is unlimited: return to the game whenever you like and enjoy your idle incomes (just make sure to automate production by hiring workers and making upgrades before leaving the game) - The game graphics lets you actually see how do different facilities interact, and how do the production chains work. You'll see how workers plough soil and water plants, how trucks transport goods, miners mine for ore, shepherds take care of cows and sheep - You can select your prestige bonus when restarting the game and redistribute previously assigned prestige points. This lets you try different strategies of growing farm and expanding mine and industry The game was made by Airapport: award winning indie game development team from Ukraine. Millions of players have installed our games on phones and tablets. You are welcome to share your results and ask questions in our Discord, which has 9500 members now:
Seller:Alexey Izvalov
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:Aug 12, 2021
Updated:May 06, 2022
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