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    Fake SMS+ iOS iPhone

    ★★★★★We Celebrate our new iPhone app "Fake SMS+" ★★★★★

    ★★★★★Many apps for free for limited time★★★★★



    fake sms conversation will can use to

    How many times a boyfriend‫/‬girlfriend ‫ ,‬friends, family - lying to you
    And you could not approve them you know
    Now with ‫"‬Fake SMS+"‬ you can fake sms conversation

    Check our video on youtube http://youtu.be/4Nij35Jx2g4

    send screenshot with ideas to fake conversation in your language to email morisbal5@gmail.com
    and we post it on our website www.sms-faker.com

    Available in 21 Languages: Catalan , Danish , Dutch , French , Greek , Hebrew , Hungarian , Indonesian , Italian , Japanese , Norwegian Nynorsk , Polish , Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Turkish , Vietnamese.

    Ideas for jokes
    Saw your friends conversation that you’re talking with other friend and
    1)He think he's gay and he love your best friend
    2)She loves you and wants to break up from her boyfriend

    Saw your girlfriend conversation with other friend and
    1)He saw your girlfriend with someone else
    2)Her friend say that she lay to you about something
    Jokes, alibi, cheats, love, secrets ... no limit to your imagination!

    1) offline mode - by writing messages to both sides
    2) online mode - by writing messages to your side and with other friend that connected to you in bluetooth and faking the victim side

    Application is saved Conversations History
    But you can also Clear Conversation History


    Offline Mode

    just write messages and send with "Send Button"

    to fake received message just write and press on the "Camera Button"

    Online Mode

    press "Call Button" to active bluetooth and connect to your friend
    and just write messages and send with "Send Button"
    also your friend use "Send Button"

    and the victim see live sms chat Conversation

    you can also use in "Camera Button" to fake message
    and your friend see * sign with the fake message

    New Feature
    Receive Fake Message with Notification

    Just Write Message in Text Message Field and click "Contact Info Button" and close the app the fake message received with received message sound after 15 seconds

    Have Fun
    Fake SMS+

    For Buy the App Fake SMS Plus
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