Universal Fairy Fire - Side Scroller/Shooter ( Defender Clone )

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    Good day everyone,

    I would like to introduce my latest project. It is a side scroller/shooter, a clone of the Arcade machine Defender. Maybe the gameplay is even closer to the Amiga game Data Storm or the Atari game Drop Zone.

    The objective is to survive wave after wave and protect your pals from the ‘body snatchers’.

    I chose this medieval/fantasy theme because I used a lot of the artwork in my last game and my aim was to keep production cost at a minimum. So space ships, robots, flying saucers turned into a flying wizard, protecting his fairy pals and teach ghosts, executioners, spiders and other evil stuff how to behave...

    Long story short - here are some impressions ( some parts of the artwork will be reworked ).


    The video is a bit choppy :/ but the game runs at 60 FPS on the device...

    Game Play

    My aim is to release Fairy Fire in February...

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