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    Since it has been posted some issues regarding ExZeus and OS 3.0 in TA, we thought we should clearly state about this topic officialy to avoid the spread of wrong information.

    As seen in "OS 3.0 App Issue List" thread :

    SKAMANDO posted >>"ExZeus - Unstable Framerate"

    There is nothing like a choppy or unstable framerate under OS 3.0, be sure to have the retail version installed and not any previous beta. ExZeus is still one of the fastest 3D polygon action shooting game available on your iDevice.

    >>DEFAUDE posted
    >>"ExZeus - Framerate went a bit down from2.2.1 to 3.0, on a 3G S! On a normal 3G 3.0 the framerate should be more slowed down."

    On my personal iphone 3G with OS 3.0 retail installed, ExZeus is running faster (faster framerate) than prior version of the OS 2.2.1, as regarding the 3G-S, we are checking right now to see if there is any related problem with the new hardware included into the 3G-S and ExZeus. If we found something from our side that can be fixed, we shall make an update to support the 3G-S too.

    so as a conclusion, if you have an iPod or iPhone with 3.0 OS and would like to purchase ExZeus (specialy at the dropped price $0.99) there is no fear to have about if the game will run or not, it will ! If you have a new 3G-S, you may want to delay until we have finished our testing and posted here our result.

    Thank you,

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    May 3, 2009
    honestly, it is a great game with unique style. I like it.
  3. carlo

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    Thank you :)
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    Well I'm not having any problems with the game on my iPod touch 2G. :)
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    Apr 21, 2009
    Exactly. Game is as stable as before.
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    So it took some times but finally we had figured out what was strange with ExZeus and 3GS and new OpenGL 2.0 hardware : to make it short OpenGL 2.0 emulates the OpenGL 1.0 behaviour in order to run previous released app. However some dynamic lighting (as we have in the game) requires some just-on-time compilation of shaders in latest OpenGL 2.0 and that is the reason of some inconsistent few Millisecond "stall" during the game (well this is not as short as i thought ).

    Disabling the realtime lighting could have been a quick fix around under 3GS but i thought it was not really acceptable but it seems we may have a solution in view now...Once integrated and confirmed i will post again in here.

    Also, the next version of ExZeus will have an option to play the game with Analog PAD and button for those who got some trouble handling the accelerometers ;)
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    May 25, 2009
    That would be awesome! Happy to hear that :) Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks for your encouragement, we'll try :)

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